Laboratory of Energocapacious and Catalytically Active Substances   English versionRussian
Main trends of scientific research:
experimental investigation of hydrogen interaction with metals, alloys and intermetallic compounds
synthesis and phase transformations of hydrides at high gaseous pressure (up to 3000 bar) and quasihydrostatic pressure (up to 60000 bar)
thermodynamic and kinetic investigation of metal-hydrogen systems, hydride structure, hydrogen influence on physical properties
design of highly efficient alloys - hydrogen absorbents for hydrogen accumulation systems, hydrogen transport and electrochemical current sources
database compilation for modelling of physico-chemical properties of hydrides and materials on their base

Educational activities
Term, diploma and PhD works on synthesis and investigation of new metal hydrides

Head of Laboratory: Doctor of Science (chemistry), Professor Victor N. Verbetsky
Postal address:Chemistry Department MSU, 1/3 Leninskie gory, Moscow 119991, Russia
tel:+7 (495) 939 3677
fax:+7 (495) 932 8846

Laboratory of Energocapacious and Catalytically Active Substances MSU, 2010