Laboratory of Energocapacious and Catalytically Active Substances









    Practical works for students of Chemical Technology course    
    Intermetallic hydride synthesis and study of equilibrium in IMC-hydrogen systems   Просмотр
    Hydrogen decrepitation of alloys and intermetallic compounds (HD-process)   Просмотр
    Synthesis of Sm2Fe17N3 nitride through nitrogenation of Sm2Fe17 intermetallic compound   Просмотр
    Study of HDDR influence on morphology of Nd2Fe14B intermetallic compound   Просмотр
    Diploma works, accomplished in the Laboratory    
1 A.L. Kostenko Study of reduction of zirconium halogenides in glow discharge plasma 1974  
2 S.V.Mozgin Interaction of atomic hydrogen with rhenium compounds in glow discharge plasma 1975  
3 S.V.Mitrokhin Interaction of atomic hydrogen with derivatives of tungsten, iron and molybdenum in glow discharge plasma 1975  
4 A.F.Aerov Plasmochemical synthesis and physico-chemical study of rhenium hydride 1976  
5 M.V.Lototsky Plasmochemical synthesis of several intermetallic hydrides 1976  
6 E.Yu.Snegov Synthesis of hydrides of intermetallic compounds crystallizing in Laves phase type 1978  
7 S.V.Tsutsuran Study of interaction in Ti-Al-H system at high pressures 1980  
8 A.F.Ustinov Study of interactions in Ti-V-Ni-H system 1980  
9 M.G.Serkova Calorimetric study of FeTi-H2 system 1983  
10 D.N.Zvukov Study of hydrogen interaction with vanadium-based alloys 1983  
11 N.N.Kinaev Influence of aluminium and vanadium on absorption properties of TiFe 1984  
12 O.V.Fateev Study of interaction in LaMg2-H2 system 1985  
13 A.P.Lisovsky Resistometric study of Ti-V-H2 system 1985  
14 E.A.Volynskaya Determination of formation enthalpies of intermetallic compounds of RE-Al by solvation calorimetry method 1985  
15 R.R.Kaumov Hydrogen interaction with Ti-Fe-Ce alloys 1986  
16 S.Yu.Zinevich Hydrogen interaction with alloys of (Ta1-xMx)Cr2 systems, where M=Zr, Ti 1987  
17 S.A.Koval Hydrogen interaction with alloys of Ti-V-Fe system 1989  
18 A.P.Gurjev Изучение гидридного диспергирования и его влияния на кинетику гидрирования в системе V-H2 1989  
19 S.V.Klyamkina Study of LaNi5-xCux - H2 system using Calvet Calorimetry method 1989  
20 I.V.Buyanova Influence of large plastic deformations and hydrogen on α-ω transition in Ti-Zr system 1989  
21 N.V.Kandalova Study of hydrogen interaction with alloys of R-Mg-Cu systems, where R=Ce,La 1989  
22 S.M.Potovina Study of hydrogen interaction with MgCuLa и MgCuCe intermetallics 1990  
23 A.M.Melomed Synthesis and properties of intermetallic hydrides of CeNi and ErNi 1990  
24 M.A.Zakharova Calorimetric study of hydrogen interaction with alloys of Ti-Zr-Mn-T systems, where T= V,Cr,Fe,Co,Ni 1991  
25 A.Yu.Kovriga Study of hydrogen interaction with multicomponent alloys on base of Laves phases 1992  
26 V.A.Demidov Interaction of TiMn2, ZrCr2 and TiCr1.8 with hydrogen at pressures up to 2000 atm 1992  
27 R.P.Romanko Interaction of hydrogen with Ti1-xZrxCr2-yFey compounds 1994  
28 A.P.Shlychkov Study of hydrogen interaction with ErCuAl, HoCuAl, DyCuAl intermetallics 1994  
29 A.A.Bobrova Study of interaction of Sm2Fe17 intermetallics with hydrogen and nitrogen 1994  
30 A.P.Bespalov Interaction of RNi3 (R=Ce, Er) intermetallic compounds with hydrogen at pressures up to 2000 atm 1995  
31 A.Z.Kobaladze Interaction of hydrogen with multicomponent TiCr2- and TiMn2-based alloys 1996  
32 V.V.Trubitsin Synthesis, X-ray and magnetic studies of hydride phases in RNi3 - H2 systems, where R=Er, Ce 1996  
33 T.A.Zotov Synthesis and hydrogen absorption properties of alloys of Ti-V-Mn system 1999  
34 E.A.Aksenova Calorimetric study of hydrogen interaction with Ti0,9Zr0,1Mn1,3V0,5 compound 2002  
35 B.V.Lagutov Study of hydrogen absorbtion properties of alloys of Ti-Zr-Mn system in the region of existence of Laves phase 2005  
36 S.V.Kondrashov Study of structure of amorphous CeNi2 и Ce3Al-based hydrides 2005  
37 E.V.Gerasimova Calorimetric study of ZrMn2+x-H2 system 2005  
38 A.V.Arsatov Study of hydrogen absorption properties of pseudobinary RT5 compounds 2006  
39 V.V.Lazarev Influence of mechanochemical treatment on the structure and hydrogen absorption properties of Ti-Cr-Mo alloys 2007  
40 A.V.Smirnov Investigation of the Zr1-yDyyMn2+x-H2 system 2007  
41 I.A.Romanov Synthesis and investigation of AB5 intermetallics for MH-electrodes working in a wide temperature range 2007  
42 R.B.Sivov Synthesis and properties of Laves phase intermetallic hydrides under high pressures 2008  
43 Yu.L.Yaropolov Hydrogen interaction with amorphous Zr alloys 2008  
44 D.I.Ibarbia Hydrogen interaction with R6M2-xSi3 и RNi1-xCux compounds, where R=Ce,Gd,Tb,Dy,Er, M=Co,Ni 2009  
45 A.N.Kazakov Hydrogen absorption properties of NdNi5-based intermetallic compounds 2010  
46 А.A.Tatarintsev Hydrogen interaction with vanadium alloys 2011  
47 А.A.Chepiga Investigation of hydrogen interaction with vanadium alloys 2011  
48 E.A.Asmolova Study of hydrogen interaction with TbNi0.4Co0.6 compound 2013  
49 M.A.Osipova Synthesis and properties of R-T-Al (R=Ce, Sm, Er; T=Ni, Co) hydrides 2013  
50 А.A.Glasdov Mechanochemical synthesis and hydrogen sorption properties of hydrogen-sorbing compositions 2013  
51 P.S.Kuznetsov Hydrogen interaction with V-Ni alloys 2013  
52 A.N.Kuimov Influence of hydrogen and nitrogen on the structure and magnetic properties of (Sm1-хRх)2Fe16V, R = Ho, Er; х = 0; 0.2; 0.4 2017  
53 S.S.Turygin Hydrogen sorption properties of V-Mn alloys 2018  
54 M.A.Prokhorenkov Hydrogen interaction with multicomponent Ti- and Zr-based alloys 2019  
55 D.K.Ovezov Interactions in V-Mn-H system 2019  
56 L.A.Kachalova nteractions of hydrogen and intermetallic compounds Zr(Mo,V)2 with structure of Laves phase C15 2019  
57 S.O.Batalova Influence of nonstoichiometry on properties of R3Ni9+x (R = Y, La; х from 0 to 2.4) hydride phases 2020  
58 M.A.Sobko Synthesis of high entropy alloy hydrides with hexagonal Laves phase structure 2020